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About IML

An innovative solution for packaging:

There is limited printing  area  on product with dry- offset printing technique. There is white space on top and at the bottom of product. But the IML ( In Mould Labelling) process allows printing on everywhere of surface of product. The complete printed area enhances the shelf presence as well as reinforcing its advertising effect thereby generally boosting  sales.

The IML process allows labels to be changed by operator under working conditions without interruptions simply by placing different labels inside the robot’s magazine.

IML - In Mould Labelling is one of the fastest-growing decorative processes for Plastic packaging.

Compared to paper label IML really enhances the product because the label cannot be damaged  by humidity.

The photpgraphic quality of the IML labels allows the production of enhanced graphics mouldings that will hopefully lead to increased sales.

IML  also reduces secondary handling and prevents potential contamination. After moulding, it is ready for packing. Then from the injection moulder it is sent straight to the filling  plant. Thats’s why it is hygienic.